In order to make new rules and policy and also to guide the management for smooth operation of this company, Board of Directors has been appointed by the Government. The chairman of the Board and General Manager are appointed by the Nepal Government, whereas other member of Board represents different ministries, as in Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, Department of electricity development-Ministry of Energy and also the head of Employee Union of IDM is appointed in the board as the invited board member.

The General Manager, of this company acts as the full time Chief Executive as well as Member Secretary of Board.

IDM’s activities are carried out under three divisions i.e. Planning and Development Division, Administration & Finance Division and Operation Division. Other branches such as Financial administration branch, Human Resources branch falls under Administration & Finance Division, where as the Internal Audit Branch of IDM is directly under the supervision of the General Member.

As far as human resource is concerned, IDM is well equipped with a core experienced and competent staff consisting of economists, engineers specialized in various fields, management professionals, overseers and other technical and non-technical support staffs.

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