About Us


Industrialization is indispensable to strengthen the country's economy and the basic infrastructure needed by industries is necessary for industrial development, with the aim of providing infrastructure such as land, industrial buildings, roads, electricity, water, sewerage and other facilities at one place. The establishment of the industrial zone has been started by laying the foundation stone of Balaju Industrial District at Balaju, Kathmandu in 2016 B.S. with the support of the jiont effort of Nepal government and the American government. Taking into consideration the geographical and regional economic balance of the country, industrial zones were established in different places of the country by the Nepal government itself and with the cooperation of various friendly countries to encourage local investment, labor and raw material based industries and industrial promotion. To coordinate and manage the management aspects of the industrial districts Nepal Government established Industrial District Management Ltd. under Company Act in 2045 B.S. According to the policy of the Nepal government, this company has been playing an important role as an agency for industrial promotion and serving the industry in a systematic, unified manner.

At present, 10 industrial zones are operating in different parts of the country. According to the policy of the Government of Nepal to establish at least one large-sized industrial zone in each province, new industrial zones have been announced in 7 different locations and detailed project reports (DPR) and construction of physical structures (access roads and border fence wise) are being carried out. Feasibility studies, detailed project reports and environmental impact assessments are being carried out. After the completion of these works, the works related to industrial zone declaration will proceed. It is expected that after the construction of these industrial districts, the establishment of the industries will be facilitated and the pace of industrialization will be expedited.

Formation of organization:

The the board of directors if formed from the following entities to execute the overall operation and policy and management work of this company smoothly.

  • 1.An appointee appointed by the Government of Nepal as a Chairman
  • 2.Representative Member of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply
  • 3.Representative Member of the Ministry of Finance
  • 4.Representative Member of the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation
  • 5.Chairman or representative member of Federation of Nepal Industrial Estates Industries
  • 6.General Manager of Industrial Districts Management Limited as a Member-Secretary.

In order to carry out the daily work of this company, there are planning and development, human resource and finance departments in the central office. Similarly, there are administration division, operation division and infrastructure division, while internal audit branch, general service branch, administration branch, program and monitoring branch, infrastructure branch etc. have been arranged. Provision of office head/district manager/ manager is made from level 6 up to level 9. Skilled and experienced technical and administrative staff are providing services in management.

Main Functions of the company:

  • To provide developed land, industrial sheds, godowns, electricity, water, roads, sewerage and other necessary industrial infrastructures to the industries established within the industrial zone.
  • To study the potential of industrial areas and to establish new industrial districts in such places.
  • Collecting, studying, analyzing, promoting, selling, distributing or publishing information related to investment-worthy projects within the districts.
  • Studying and conducting research for the promotion of industrial areas, promoting participation of industries in national and international exhibitions for the promotion of the industry and its products.
  • To study the effects and impacts of Industrial, Commercial and Economic policies on the industries and give suggestions to the government in this regard.
  • Encouraging and supporting private sector to establish IDs on the concept of public-private partnerships.

Services provided by District Management Offices:

Industrial Districts Management Offices have been providing essential infrastructures such as developed land, industrial sheds, warehouses, electricity and water, roads and sewerage for the establishment and smooth operation of industries within the districts. Facilities and services such as bank, post office, workshop, hospital, daycare center, canteens, seminar hall, showroom, guest house, security, cleaning are also available. Some additional facilities have also been provided with the participation and cooperation of association of industries located in the district. Likewise, for the purpose of treating the polluted waste water discharged from the industries and keeping the environment clean in the district, with the help of the Danish government, under the Environment Sector Program Support (ESPS), an integrated waste water treatment plant has been established in Hetauda industrial district. A separate management committee has been formed with the participation of the industrialists. According to the decision of the Government of Nepal for the security of the factories, industrial security forces under the Armed Police Force has been diployed in most of the industrial districts for providing security services. The company is planning to gradually establish industrial security forces in other remaining industrial areas as well.